Dr Ali Walker


Ali Walker is a researcher in well-being and leadership at the Centre for Social Impact and the author of Get Conscious: How to Stop Overthinking & Come Alive (Hay House, May 2017). Ali is currently completing her second book, Collective Consciousness (for Palgrave Macmillan).

Her work focuses on the question: What conditions lead to positive personal and social flourishing? 

Ali has two weekly radio segments: 

- 2GB 873am on Saturday mornings at 10:40am with Luke Grant; and

- 'Conscious Living' on Radio 2UE Talking Lifestyle 954am on the Healthy Living Show with Dr. Ross Walker- Sunday nights at 7:15pm.

Ali speaks regularly for companies, organisations and schools. 

From Sydney, Australia, Ali spent several years researching consciousness, social change, and law with a doctorate from the Australian National University. In addition to her PhD, Ali has a Masters degree in International Law & International Relations and two undergraduate degrees in Law (with Merit) and Arts (Politics & International Relations) from the University of NSW. Ali also has a Graduate Diploma in Integral Coaching.

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Here I Am...

my mission

I am deeply passionate about human flourishing. From self-awareness and education to governance and human rights, I am on a mission to discover what lights people up. I want to know what heals people, what inspires people to reach their highest potential, and what transforms people from being unconsciously conditioned to living consciously. 

I'm obsessed with finding evidence that we are all connected: shared space, shared histories, and shared experience. I am driven by the human capacity for empathy: I believe that our lives are punctuated by the moments when our hearts swell. I explore 'the whole person' in society: at home, at work and in communities. Individuals living consciously will lead to the bigger changes we seek: harmonious government, stabilised climate, ethical economies and equality. 

I love communicating and connecting in all forms: writing, researching, teaching, radio, TV and social media. Connect with me on facebook, instagram, twitter and pinterest! I write and meditate everyday to keep my mind clear. I am lit up by swimming in the ocean, singing, yoga, soulful conversations and being with extended family, friends, my husband and two sons. 

Let's get back to being...

Sign up for the latest in Conscious Living & receive my ebook, The New Masculine & Feminine.

Let's get back to being...

Sign up for the latest in Conscious Living & receive my ebook, The New Masculine & Feminine.