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Welcome to the Inner Revolution! 

I speak for a wide range of groups and organisations, and I design well-being frameworks for companies. I have 10+ years of experience assisting individuals and organizations to realize their innate potential and to access higher states of consciousness. I use stories, guided meditations, original frameworks and practical techniques to promote happiness, emotional intelligence and mindfulness. 

The good news? All change starts in your mind.

What lights you up? Who are you and who do you want to be? Are you living in the moment? Does your life and team have creativity, purpose, truth and meaning? Are you aware of your triggers and hotspots? 

For all media & speaking enquiries, please use the contact form here.

My speaking, consulting and coaching focuses on the following topics:

  • New Leadership: What kind of leader are you?
  • Mind Training, Mindfulness & Meditation
  • Go Beyond Happy: Accessing Higher Consciousness
  • Different types of intelligence
  • The Group Mind
  • Accessing the power of visualisation + imagination 
  • Finding Flow: Using deep creativity to overcome conflict


  • Alexandra in an 'inter-disciplinarian' at heart - she is able to draw the strengths and contributions together from different disciplines to enable each of them to benefit from their respective insights - ensuring a more holistic and integrated approach to identifying solutions to problems.

    Professor Kim Rubenstein,

    Director, Centre for International and Public Law, Australian National University

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  • Alexandra looks beyond the accepted approach to topics with an acute and inquiring mind.

    David Dixon

    Dean of the Law School, University of New South Wales

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  • Alexandra exemplifies exceptional motivation and insight in the interpersonal and psychological skills that underpin effective change-making with individuals, groups, organisations and larger identities… She is authentic and values-based in her living and her relations with others. Alexandra is an ambassador for community and global well-being

    Paul Perfrement

    Clinical Psychologist & Founder of The Earth Institute.

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  • Alexandra is a perceptive and imaginative person. She constantly strives to apply an innovative and penetrating approach to challenges that she is addressing, resulting in a fresh and thought-provoking treatment of issues. Alexandra is also committed to and enthusiastic about her work. She is a true professional.

    Anthony Billingsley

    Senior Lecturer, School of Social Sciences, University of New South Wales

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  • Alexandra has the deep insights needed to motivate change, and the practical skills to make that desired organisational change a reality.

    Lachlan Harris

    Co-Founder of One Big Switch

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  • In introducing organisations to the powerful concepts of mindfulness and wellness, Alexandra can help ensure that individuals and the institutions they participate in are more reflective, self-aware, ethical and energised. That is essential for any society committed to social progress

    Angela Cummine

    Rhodes Scholar and PhD in Political Theory, Oxford University

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  • Presentations were highly engaging... You amassed a wealth of pertinent and interesting information and conveyed this with enthusiasm. Your material was delivered with great conviction in a creative manner.

    Robyn Wigham

    Director of Student Welfare, Loreto

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Let's get back to being...

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Let's get back to being...

Sign up for the latest in Conscious Living & receive my ebook, The New Masculine & Feminine.